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The adhān (Arabic: أَذَانAzan/Ezan ) nis the Islamic call to prayer, recited by the muezzin. The root of the word is ʼḏn أَذَن meaning "to permit", and another derivative of this word is uḏun, meaning "ear".
Adhan is called out by the muezzin in the mosque, sometimes from a minaret, five times a day summoning Muslims for mandatory prayers . 

There is a second call known as iqama (set up) that summons Muslims to line up for the beginning of the prayers. The main purpose behind the loud pronouncement of adhan five times a day in every mosque is to make available to everyone an easily intelligible summary of Islamic belief. It is intended to bring to the mind of every believer and non-believer the substance of Islamic beliefs, or its spiritual ideology. Loudspeakers are sometimes installed on minarets for the purpose.
The adhan sums up the teachings of Islam: there is no God but Allah; Muhammad is God's Messenger; salvation is found through obedience to the Will of God, of which prayer is an important expression.

Recital Arabic Transliteration Translation
4x * الله أكبر Allahu Akbar Allah is the greatest/most great
2x أشهد أن لا اله إلا الله Ash-had an la ilaha illa llah I testify that there is no deity except for Allah
2x أشهد أن محمدا رسول الله Ash-hadu anna Muħammadan rasulullah I testify that Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah
2x حي على الصلاة Hayya 'ala-salatt Make haste towards the prayer
2x حي على الفلاح Hayya 'ala 'l-falah Make haste towards success (reward)
2x ** الصلاة خير من النوم Al-salatu khayru min an-nawm Prayer is better than sleep **
2x الله أكبر Allāhu akbar Allah is the greatest!
1x لا إله إلا الله La ilaha illallah There is no deity except for Allah

* Followers of the Maliki madh'hab say this line twice instead of four times.
** The line "Prayer is better than sleep" is used only for the first prayers of the day at dawn (fajr Prayer; Salat al-fajr).
The following dua (supplication) is optionally read by Muslims after the adhan is recited:

Arabic Transliteration Translation
اللهم رب هذه الدعوة التامة والصلاة القائمة Allahumma rabba hadhi-hid da'wa-tit-tamma wa-salatil qae-ma O God, Owner of this perfect call and Owner of this prayer to be performed
آت محمداً الوسيلة و الفضيلة Ati muhammadanil wasilata wal fadeela Bestow upon Muhammad al waseelah (a station in Paradise {Jannah}) and al fadeelah (a rank above the rest of creation)
وابعثه مقاماً محموداً الذي وعدته Wab ath-hu maqamam-mahmuda-nil alladhi wa aadtha And raise him to the rank you have promised him

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