Mister One In A Million

Fantasies during days and nights get over ridden
For the reason being these lusted thoughts are forbidden
To leave her sensational touch for only one hidden
Her dreams of love are so deeply driven

She prays to Allah(swt) for her sins to be forgiven
Against silent stars her wishes remain striven
Unscripted love stories for her desires listen
Entries of what she's longing page to page is written
From a journal composing she yearns Mister One In A Million

Her love she wrapped in a box and tied with a ribbon
For the one man who will be the father of her children
To raise them together on the Islamic path given
To teach Qur'an! The words glisten!
A life with the most beautiful vision
So where's Mister One in A Million?

She's staying away from all guys dreadful with sin
She got a devotion to search far underneath the skin
Everyone knows real beauty lies within
For a sparkle at heart is where true love may begin

Awaiting for the puzzle piece to her empty space fill in
But her shell is so hard! There's no way she'll let anyone in!
Hopefully he's strong enough to build himself in
After all this job is for Mister One In A Million

Aspiring memories to last forever, never to become a has been
The last thing she needs is pictures in that trash bin
Anticipating the key to start up her engine
Mister One In A Million is going to drive her to Heaven
To Allah(swt) is their final destination

Created By :  Susie A or omgsusie@Islamicpoem.com

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