Inspiring Chaya

Chaya.. that name sounds like Cahaya which means light.
Chaya is a character in a novel entitled Bunga-bunga Kemboja.

I like her character. It is very inspiring. At the end of the novel, the author mentioned that the story of Chaya was inspired by a true story of a girl the author met.

In that story, Chaya Sillarik is a Cambodian girl that lost her way in searching for God and her mother.
She was born as Nur Qahira Bt Harun (I like the name, Qahira..honestly) and a Muslim but after her father died, she was not allowed to practice the religion because her father's family is non-Muslim. Her father is a Cambodian and her mother is a Malaysian. She was separated from her mother since young because her father took her to Cambodia.

This story is not only interesting because it is not cliche' like majority of Malay novels out there but because the storyline is very well written. I said it is not cliche' because of some reasons such as:

  • She is a daughter of a very rich family while the hero of the novel is just a normal guy. This kind of story is very rare to find since majority of authors like to make the male character as the richer one.
  • She was described as very beautiful, very kind, very wealthy,shy and a quiet person while in most of  the Malay novels, the rich girl is always the bitchy one.
I'm in love with her character.. It is said that she is a very composed person, can control her emotions well, does not get angry easily and willing to do everything for her religion and for her mother. She was willing to do anything to get her religion back. In addition, she didnt talk to men even when she's still Chaya  (not a practicing Muslim) if there is no important thing to talk about. She loves to do charity and she said she wants to be a good wife. T_T

While reading, her character indirectly reminds me to Saidatina Khadijah ra.
"Saidatina Khadijah.She was beautiful, she came from a good family, she was wealthy, and she had deen. She was the epitome of the complete woman. " Taken from: SuhaibbWebb
I know there are people in real life that have the qualities similar to Qahira. I knew there were srikandi in the past that were similar to her or even better.

I wish I could be like her and them too.

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