Tears on the praying mat

Tears on the praying mat

From the dusty windows,
My two brown orbs took a glance at the sun above.
Playing hide and seek with the clouds,
As I noticed,
Its brightness has become dull,
Its radiant has faded,
The sun is not shining brightly anymore.

The scorching weather turns stormy.
The storm is too strong for my weak body to handle.
My hands are tottery and my legs are wobbly.
The storm is too rough,
The cool air is threatening me,
I kneel down on the praying mat,
Feeling hopeless and gloomy.
Tears burst out like a waterfall,
My heart was scattered into pieces again.

It was broken once.
Took me years to mend it back
I manage to put every pieces back together
Though the cracks are still visible
But now it breaks again,
I am no longer capable to repair this broken heart.

O Allah.
O Allah.
I trust no one other than You, the Almighty.
I believe You will never give burden that I cant handle
I have faith in You though I dont have faith in anyone else.

I dont deserve Your Paradise
But I'm too frail for Your Hellfire.
Please accept me again.
Please forgive me again.

My prideful self learnt the lesson.
Help me out from this storm.
Show me the way out from this misery

What is life without love?
Without love, all of my perspective of life gone
In a blink.
And without You, I dont know what LOVE is.

Jezz ||18022013||2:10am

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