It's temporary

This world is temporary.
It is not an illusion.
It is a part of a vision.
You will be examine on how well you do your mission.
And what is the mission again?

To worship Allah and to become a ruler of this world.
To spread the beauty of Islam.

Indeed to err is human.
To forgive is divine.
To repent is a great way to cleanse the dirt and sin.
In your heart and in your mind.

I never said it was easy.
Great success comes with difficulties.
Great achievements are blocked with numerous obstacles.

However, I never said you are weak.
Get yourself up and fight.
You are strong.
You are born to be a leader.
Overcome your fear and stop running away.
Face it.
Fight for the right and just.
Be confident that you always have Allah,Al Aziz on your side.

May Allah give you strength my dear friends.

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