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"Intense change of something in term of character or appearance."

In the process of growing, you will face, experience,see, feel a lot of changes. These changes could be about yourselves, your surroundings or people around you. Sometimes these changes will influence you too, whether it influenced your decision, your experience, your perspective or your retrospection. The metamorphosis could be abrupt, out of blue or as slow as molasses in January. In some cases, you do not realized these changes because they happened in subtlety. Yet, some happened in a very obvious way and you realized it straight away.
When I was a teen, changes scared the crap out of me. There are some changes which make me completely mad. I cried, I freaked out but those changes are inevitable. After years, I get used to them. However, there are things that I wished to change but they are still there, unmoving,staying solid like a rock and completely unchanged.
I agree, changes are scary but honey, they are scary because you think they are. Turn your perspective around and look at the changes as challenges. Things will get better from then.

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